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Baby Sleep Service

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Ages: 12 Weeks -

17 Months


What you should expect

Does the thought of your baby sleeping through the night seem like a fantasy? Do the words "sleep training" overwhelm you? At this stage in your baby's life, it might be hard for you to imagine having your baby on a schedule. Or maybe you are wondering why your perfectly scheduled baby is suddenly off their routine or waking up in the night. I can help you resolve your child's sleep problems and give you a customized solution that fits your child and your family. 

Sleep Package Includes:

  • 1-Hour Consultation Call

  • Questionnaire Survey

  • Customized Sleep Plan

  • Unlimited text and email support during two-week session between the hours of 8am-9pm

  • Two thirty-minute phone calls are to be used at any point during your two-week session

How my process works


Discovery Call

When we first start the process of getting better sleep for your child, we will start off with a discovery call. You will tell me all about the issues you are having with your child, and I will learn as much as I can about your situation before providing any support. 



After our initial discovery call and once you have decided to work with me you will receive a client questionnaire. This will help me get a more indepth view into your child's current sleeping habits. We will then set up a call so that I can go over that questionnaire form and gather any additional information that wasn’t covered in the discovery call.


Custom Sleep Plan

In two days, based on all the information gathered, I would develop a comprehensive sleep plan customized to your child and catered to their specific needs and circumstances. In this sleep plan I will lay out the step by step process that you will follow for two weeks. 


Two Weeks of Personal Support

During those two weeks you will be in regular contact with me via text and email. I will be there for support and to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. Together we can troubleshoot whatever issues your child may experience during their training and make any adjustments needed. You will be entitled to two 30-minute phone calls during those two weeks, that you can schedule at any point if you feel is needed.


30-Minute Closing Call

Once our two weeks is complete we will have a 30 minute closing call. At that time you can ask any additional questions. If we feel that additional support is needed after those two weeks we can discuss this at that time.

Go in the direction of your dreams.

Book a consultation with me and get started on better sleep today!

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